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Whistleblower is Fired After he experiences 5 Blow outs on Test Tires

This letter is a copy from a former employee:

Dear Customer Relations Manager,

My name is G.E.S. The reason for this letter is that I, was victimized by FORD MOTORS ... I'm the owner of a 1997 Ford 150 parked in my driveway now. Ford is the only thing that I drive.

I was gainfully employed by XYZ, Inc. for six years. While employed as a FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN, my job took me on the freeways. I averaged out 200 miles a day on your tires. XYZ, supplied me with a Ford van 350 # 101. I had tools (Ford van 350 #101) that weigh about 6000 pounds. During my six years of driving for onsite repair. I've had 5 blow outs, 4 of the5 blow outs where on the front of the Ford van 350 #101.

A few months ago, It was a nice day, sunny and clear. I was on my way to my first onsite repair. I was on highway 138 going to Victorvile, CA. I had a blow out, going into the curve before SUMMIT VALLEY. When the front left tire blew.(inside wall front left tire) This blowout will live with me forever! The Ford van 350 #101, put me off the into the enbankment. The Ford van 350 # 101, rolled over 3 or 4 times and came to a stop on the top. This was a 86 feet drop off, I was upside down. The seat belt was jammed, so I cut myself free. There were some railroad workers, that came to help. One the of workers help me up the hill to his pickup. He called, highway patrol, fire & rescue were notified. When the ambulance arrived, I was transported to the nearest trauma center which is Corona Regional Medical Center. On the way to the hospital, the ambulance ran out of gas. YES OUT OF GAS NOW YOU TALK ABOUT A BAD DAY!

The hospital released me the same day to go home. My Supervisor L. R's pick me up and drove me back to the accident sight and question me. The next day L.R. asked me to write a statement about the T.A. Shortly after my doctor released me back to work. I was discharged from XYZ. That put me in the unemployment line at 62 years of old.

XYZ didn't say the T.A. was the reason. Six blow outs, one blow out total lost Ford van 350 #101.

This accident was by one of your defective tires. Which was known at XYZ as a Test tire. I complained to management about these tires. I rode on them everyday. Management would just say go down and get another tire. The replacement tire would be a test tire also!

The last blow out has put me in fear of driving.


Submitted August 29, 2000



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