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Report from Columbia
Case description: I want to report a blowout of a Firestone tire. This tire is not currently in the recall program, and I think it should be if there have been other incidents in addition to mine.

Reference: FR 480
Size: P225 70R15
DOT Code: W2001MX 062
Mold: S1878J LO6R
Vehicle: 1992 Ford Explorer

I had just run an errand a couple of miles from my house in city traffic (9-7-00) (no high speeds) and the car was standing still in the shade when the tire exploded. This tire never should have blown out. The tire is not bald and still has a significant tread on it. The only contributing factor is that it was a hot day. The explosion was stunning and had I been driving at the time I would have lost control of the vehicle.

I want to add this report to the statistics you are compiling in case it can serve to prevent accidents. If there are several other cases out there, we need to get these tires off the road.
Patti A. Bonomo-Peña
Barranquilla, Colombia, South America
Submitted Sept. 9, 2000



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