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William from Round Hill writes:

Case description: 1998 Ford Ranger with Wilderness HT P225 70R 15 Tires. On 8-21-00 While driving on a busy highway at 55Mph the right rear tire blew out. After inspection it was discovered that the sidewall had split. After contacting four Firestone Reps. I was connected with a local Firestone store that morning. I was told by the store manager that Firestone would replace the tires on a prorated milage fee. These tires at this time only had approx. 20,000 miles on them. He was only willing to replace them with Wilderness HT or Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires. I at that time agreed for him to order the Bridgestone tires. It is now 9-8-00 and I am being told it could be several mores weeks to wait. I have also discoversd that the Bridgestone Dueler are under advisiry by the N.H.T.S.A. along with the Wilderness HT. This i get to pay for!!! Maybe next time I will pay more dearly.



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