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Tina Carrillo from El Paso, TX writes:

Case description: On 4/28/2000 I was driving home from work in El Paso, TX in 5 pm rush hour traffic and was traveling at about 65 mph when I heard a loud bang. Within a second, the 93 Jeep Cherokee I was driving started shaking violently. Then the back end of the vehicle swung around to the right across three lanes of traffic. The jeep was on the verge of flipping over when it started to spin several times. I spun around several times before coming to rest about 6in from the concrete central divider. When I finally got out to see what happened I found that the tread had separated on the rear driverside tire. The tire was still inflated but the tread was almost completely ripped off. The tires were Firestone Firehawk ATX R15 tires that I purchased from Firestone in 1996. My Jeep sustained extensive damage to the wheel well as well as body damage from where the tread flew up and hit the body of the Jeep just behind the rear tire. I wish I would have know about the recall at that time because I went the next day after the accident and had all four tires replaced with a competitors tires since I did not feel safe buying Firestone after what had just happened. I also did not save the tires because I figured it was just a fluke. I feel extremely lucky that I was not injured in the accident but I am very angry that my life could have been changed in an instant by something that could have been prevented.


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