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Bridgestone Duler Failure-5 Tires
Hi, my name is Bertram Hennig from Germany. Last year I bought an almost new used Landrover Defender from a Landrover dealer. 6 weeks later I had a damage at one tire, that obviously was not caused by any sharp thing from outside. I sent the tire to Bridgestone/Germany. Not only, tha they couldn't find anything, I have never seen the tire again. They destroyed the piece of evidence. Then 8 weeks later a hat again 3 flat tires and one with tremendous damages. Again they told me, that it must be my fault! All the tires where "Dueler AT" made by Bridgestone. No injury, but 5 damaged tires

If there's anybody who has made equal experiences, please write me an email. Thanks!(And forgive my bad English)
Bertram Hennig
Burgadelzhausen, Germany
Submitted Sept. 7, 2000

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