Survived Accident

Case description: I know there are people all over the world who are actually suffering from the many accidents. I am one who is fortunate that I did not kill myself or my five year old daughter. My daughter was not with me but and I thank god for watching over me. The person who was in front of me was fortunate that I did not slam into the back of her vehicle, instead I had to swerve and hit a wall. As shaken up as I was no one stopped to help. Not to mention the two Gwinnett police officers who rode past me without stopping to help or see if there was something they can do. I was only 8/10 of a mile from my home so I drove the vehicle home.

It is the most traumatic experience to have a vehicle spin out of control. I just have to again thank god no one was severely hurt. Accident: 9/1/00
Lisa -Norcross Georgia
Submitted Sept. 7, 2000


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