15 Inch Tire Blow Out

Case description: While driving down I-40 at night (April 2000), the tread separated from the tire, sending my pick-up truck out of control. The truck swerved from the center median to the emergency lane, nearly flipping the truck over. Had there been any vehicles following me, they wouldn't have been able to avoid a collision with my vehicle. The electrical wires on the left side of the truck were severed, and still cause problems to this day; the tread (from where it was separated from the tire) caused the metal that goes over the tire to actually be cut away from the truck, and stuck out two and a half feet. The entire left rear wheel well is still horribly bent out of shape from this tire. Unfortunately, I had to surrender this tire in order to get another one. This tire, that was on my truck, was P235 R15 Radial AT.
Weatherford OK
Submitted Sept. 6, 2000


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