Firestone Won't Replace Tires

Case description: I recently bought a Chevy Tahoe with 16 inch Wildernes tires by Firestone. I am concerned with my families health and well being driving with these tires considering the problems Firestone is having. I call Firestone to ask about replacements and was told to buy tire on my own and keep the old ones to see if Firestone will recall them. I find this even more alarming that they want to wait and see how many people get hurt or killed before they even offer a courtesy check. however, to Firestone point why check them when the company will say they are fine. I want my story published and I'm giving your the authority to edit it as well but I want my name attached to my story. If an injury occurs with other Wilderness tires that Firestone hasn't recalled I want the doors closed at Firestone nation wide in the event of my death. Thanks Indianapolis
Anthony Curtis Hutton
Submitted Sept. 6, 2000


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