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Shannon C. from Willow Springs, Mo. writes:

I am a deputy sheriff and was talking to a friend who is a reserve deputy with our department.

He was seated in a 1999 Ford Explorer that is a lease vehicle through his company , they have eight explorers total . We talked about the pro blems I am having with my firehawks . He said what does this have on it , he had never paid the tires any attention since it was a company car . We checked and it had Firestone wilderness AT 235 size. We then looked at all four tires . Three had the tread seperating at the sidewalls and I mean visible .

He was getting ready for a trip to virginia the next day from here in mo. He contacted his company and they replaced with goodyears . All other exploreers had similar problems when checked . he also had problems with our local not so freindly dealer in west plains , mo. . note that when the tires were taken off the rims the tread seperated even more . this man who has a wife and kids was getting ready to drive halfway across the U.S. on these poor excuses for tires and may not have made it . I have heard that the maker ( GOD ) watches over us but i hope he watches over others who like my freind do not watch the brand of tires they are driving on because they are company cars . i drive a company car also a 1996 ford police inteceptor equipped with goodyears i drive at speeds up to 120 mph and have had one tire defect toatl in 10 years of driving goodyears and that was a steel rod punched through the sidewall . i drive on both black top and dirt roads and forestry roads with street tires with no problems at all . i pray that god watches over you all until this thing is dealt with and i hope it is sooner than later . lets not let these tire dealers play with our lives like this . check and see what their wives sport utilities are driving on , bet its not the firestone tires .

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