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I am a graduate student who has been driving Ford Explorers since I was in High School. At that time I owned a small car and was involved in an accident. Ironically, I felt safer driving my father's large truck and have been driving it since. Now I am going out of my mind wondering when I might be the next "insignificant" statistic in this life and death game these companies are playing.

That term was used in an early interview with bridgestone/firestone indicating that an "insignificant" number of deaths had occurred considering how many of these tires were on the road. I don't think my life, the life of other tire owners, or the life of any of the individuals who have died as a result of these tires is insignificant. I drive several miles each day to attend school or work, and frequently drive to my home town which is 110 miles away. I have been cutting back on these trips for fear that I won't make it home one of these times. I cannot believe that it is taking this long to recall these tires and expand the recall to include other tires which are proving to be a problem like my 255/70/16 tires.

When will I know that I am safe...when I get someone else's brand of tire put on my car, but I can't afford that right now. Thanks for listening. Shana from West Des Moines, IA

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