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Eriksson H. from Linden, VA reports:

State where accident took place: on Rt. 55 traveling west between Linden and Front Royal, VA

DOT Tire Number: DOT W2MO IPI FR680 P205/70R15

Make of Vehicle: 1998 Ford Windstar GL

Date of Accident.: 9/26/00

Your Injury: None but my wife and 18 month old son were terrified

Case description: My wife was travelling west on rt 55 in Linden, VA on 9/26/00 at 3:00 P.M. with my 18 month old son to pick up her 8 year old son from school. She heard a loud release of air from the front right tire and then she lost control of the vehicle which immediately swerved to the right. she was able to bring the van to a stop. The tire was basically disintegrated. Completely shredded. She could have been seriously hurt or even killed. We knew we had Firestone tires on our van and checked to see if the type of tire we had was being recalled and according to the information we had the tires were not being recalled. Maybe they should be. If the tires that were being manufavctured for the Explorers are faulty why should other tires Firestone makes be any safer????? What should we do about this? Can we get the tires we have on the van replaced? If so how do I go about doing this? Can someone help us?

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