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Yvette from Clover, SC

State where accident took place: North Carolina

Case description: On February 7th, 2000 we were on our way to the hospital to have our 3rd child (contractions 3 minutes apart) We blew a tire - yep a Firestone Tire #'s on the tire are FR680-02 P215/70 R15 97S and the vehicle is a BRAND NEW 2000 CHEVY VENTURE - had 3000 miles on it! The tire lost air pressure and litterally blew into 2 pieces (split right down the center) thank god we got to the side of the road safely - where we called an ambulance to transport me the rest of the way (3 miles) to the hospital so I could give birth to my child. (Yes we made it thank God)

My husband and I showed the tire not only to the tire dealer who replaced it, but to the car dealer where we bought the car and to a bunch of friends who all thought it was amazing - but the dealer said oh no no defect you must have hit something in the road (we knew we didn't) anyway this tire is no one of the recalled ones and I wanted to let people know to look for these same #'s on their tires and to be very carful if you have them - we now realize how truly lucky we were. I did get the tires all replaced today 9/26 at a tire place - no Firestones of course and kept the old ones - (just in case they recall them) I am trying to find out if there are others out there with the same tire as I had so we can do something about getting them recalled.

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