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Penny from Gobles, Michigan with

DOT Tire Number: P235/75R15/ dot. W2HL

Case description: I have a 1997 Ford Explorer,with P235/75R15-DOT W2HL Wilderness AT tires. I havent had an accident or anything but I am really concerned about this recall. Every time I call Firestone they always say "Our hands are tied".I drive a good sixty miles a day for work and this is not making me feel safe with these tires on my truck.I have two children and I am also fearful for their lives as well as mine.Not everybody has the money to go right out and buy new tires,so what do we do in the mean time. "Take a risk of having a accident"?

I feel that all of the Wilderness AT tires should be recalled just as well as the other ones.I have read too many reports about the deaths and accidents,I dont want to be one of those statistics. It would be so much easier to do the decent thing and recall all the rest of these tires. How many more people have to end up dead or seroiusly injured before your company does the right thing?

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