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Joseph R from Spring Hill, Florida


Please post this letter.

I have read and called Tony B to discuss his letter which I do not believe is an accurate account of what is going on with the tires he sells, such as Bridgestone/Firestone.

I have in my posession a letter written by Bridgestone/Firestone, the first sentence which states "B/F has decided that a defect related to motor vehicle safety exists in certain Firestone ATX and Radial ATX ll tires, and ends with "the defect may not exist in all of these tires".

I am not an employee of either Ford or Bridgestone/Firestone, or do I represent any of their parts services and etc.

I'm just a customer of Ford and an ex customer of Bridgestone,Firestone.

Tony B mentions (second paragraph) that the air pressure which Ford asked to be lowered is the culprit and cause of the roll overs.

This is not so, Ford came out with that idea "after" a number of Explorers rolled over.

Tony mentions that why should a vehicle roll over when a tire's threads explosivly or slowly come off the wheel (second paragraph). I have been in this situation and have seen this situation happen driving big rigs cross country. An Explorer is a truck, a truck that is driven by soccer moms, and their daddies that want the coolness of driving something different. What I'm trying to say, that Tony doesn't mention, is that the Explorer is not for go fast types, not for the uninitiated, and happens to have bad tires driven by people with no experience in this area.

Tony does not mention that American people are more interested in driving their cool vehicles then checking out the air pressure.

Now this statement goes for all cool vehicle owners, Ford, Chrysler, GM, etc,etc,.

BUT the problem seems to be happening to Explorers that have use the Firestone tires. All Americans like driving, none like checking air pressure, all Americans drive all sorts of vehicles, but this problem is only happening "mostly" to Explorers with Firestone tires.

In Tony's fourth paragraph he mentions if the pressure was checked this wouldn't be an issue, well then if its not done by Ford Explorer owners and not done by Chrysler, GM, etc,etc etc, why then are only problems with Firetone showing up.

Is Tony saying that Firestone tires are made in such a way that they will come apart "IF" I don't check out my tires often.Is he saying this is a feature built into the Bridgestone/Firestone tires, because it does not seem to be happenning to other brands.

If anyone looks at the tires and the thread sections "after" they have come apart, why is it all the sections have threads on one side and smooth areas on the other. Its as if the glue that holds the smooth area to the tire wheel has been taken off with a fillet knife, there is no glue left on the thread section, its as if it disolved from the tire.


My vehicles a 1993 Explorer and a 1993 Ranger show the following. My Explorer which has Goodyear tires has no prolems. My Ranger which has Bridgestone Duellers APT P 235/75R15 tires with DOT OBBN PUA on each side wall has been nothing but problems, and Sears, where I bought them has ignored the fact that I have (6)six tires that have all internal seperations, but I can't do anything because Bridgestone won't recall them, and Bridgestone says they are not on the list and that I should call the 1 800 number that was set up by Bridgestone/Firestone just to handle this problem.

I have called the 1 800 number and the people that answer the phone are from a contracted company that know nothing about Bridgestone/Firestone problems, and all they do is tell me which tires are on the recall, and I ask who can I speak to and they tell me Sears.

I've heard a lot of disparaging remarks from people that want to believe Ford is less American than GM, I've heard how the CEO of Ford is an Arab from Austrailia, well I don't care where Nassar is from, I hope he stays and the ignorant dies off. This is no reflection on Tony B who is an employee of Firestone, this is a reflection on those that hate anything non red neck, but it don't matter, jealousy is the only form of respect they know how to give.


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