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I would like to take a moment of your time to let you know about an accident that almost occurred yesterday with my 31 year old wife, Tonya, and my 2 1/2 year old son, Jacob. They traveled 300 miles to spend the Labor Day Weekend with my wife's parents.

On the return trip Tonya got approximately seven miles from home. She noticed that the car was not driving smoothly and suddenly there was a noticeable shake to the front of the car. She immediately pulled to the side of the road and tried to observe any damage to the vehicle that would cause it to drive so poorly. She could not find anything and she limped the car the remaining seven miles to the house. When Tonya arrived she told me about the problem with the car. I looked at it and could not locate the source of the problem. I drove the car approximately 30 feet at a very low speed. I could tell that the car was not operating normally. I again looked the car over and noticed that the front passenger side tire's steel belt had separated. The tire, still holding air pressure and bulging, was the obvious problem. I also noted at this time that the brand was Firestone, firehawk ss10. (further info on tires P195/60R15 87S M+S DOT VDV9 JBB 226). After doing some investigating about the firestone recall tires I have learned that the separated tire on my 1996 Honda Accord was made at the Decatur Plant.

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