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Tony B. fromTampa Florida

To whom it may concern,

I am a Firestone retailer and I would like people to see the real truth in this unfortunate situation. People need to look at all the variables in the tragic situation that we are faced with. There seems to be an a LOT and I must say most of these vehicle are Ford products.

I also want to state that there is a major problem with the air pressure that was told to be put into these tires and the stability of the "best selling sport utility" the Explorer. I personally and profressionally think the media needs to put the blame where it belongs and that is on the manufacturer. A vehicle that is suppose to have such a high safety rating as they say the Explorer does should be able to stay on all four wheels when a tire seperates or goes out of round.

Just for the medias sake say the tire was the cause of the vehicle to loose control, this vehicle should be a little more stable and not rollover numerous times. I would also like to see how many tire experts inspected the tires for neglect such as worn edges due to lack of rotation and lavk of alignment which unfortantley is not done on a regular basis. I think it is time for the right people to take the blame. Again I mean Ford by stating that the tires on an suv should be inspected and rotated at a minimum of every 6000 miles or 6 months. Ford does not rec rotating and having the tires inspected every 6000 miles or six months.

If this was done and consumers properly maintained their vehicles this would not even be an issue. I feel that it is the neglect of the mfg of the suv and the neglet of the owner for maint. On an ending note I think that is is coincindental that another ford product is having the same problem but with another tire manufaturer. That being the Lincoln navigator and the continental tire. They state that it is not the same problem but I feel that a tire " peeling apart" and a tire "chipping away and coming apart" are pretty close in relation. The media also says that there have been no accidents or deaths. I can say again that this is probly due to the stability of the navigator and the unstability of the explorer.

I urge anyone with any questions or comments to please call me at 813-748-1818 and ask for Tony I would be glad to see the comments or answers that I recieve. As a tire proffesional I will also be glad to answer any questions or comments that I could.

I tend to be partial to the company I work for and the brands of tires that I sell and have such good luck with a so much faith in. thank you for your time and please post this.
Tony B.



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