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The Firestone Tire Recall has been all over the news and for those who have not heard of the recall, here,s an overview. Firestone has a line of tires made for sport utility vehicles that have been failing to perform while in use. The tread from the tire will become detached usually while driving, from the tire and will cause the vehicle to lose traction and possibly crash. Firestone has made a product that is unsafe for us, the consumers, to buy. Their poorly made product has jeopardized the safety and the lives of all of us.

It is obvious that Firestone is not concerned about safety. Above all other things safety comes first, Firestone neglected to properly inspect their tires, which has led to one of the biggest recalls in history. Ford estimates that the defect rate for the bad tires is 241 tires per million on the fifteen inch model. The death toll has climbed up to 88 and experts predict that as many as 200 deaths and 3000 accidents will be caused by the tires. All they had to do is to invest some money into safety tests and inspecting their products thoroughly and this problem would have never occurred. They instead cut corners and put others people,s lives in harms way.


Ford still, as of today, is denying that anything is wrong with the Firestone tires, which come standard on most Ford vehicles. They are using every excuse they can think of; anywhere from the tire pressure in the tire was off, driving at high temperatures, driving at high speeds, or just plain old reckless driving. Yes, these problems could,ve been contributing factors but you don,t hear about any other brand tire failing to perform under those circumstances. Firestone tires should be able to perform under the most extreme conditions, if they hold up in the most unbelievable state the tire should be safe for everyday use. Ford needs to admit that the Firestone tires are defective, stop making excuses, and except the fact that the tires on their vehicles are faulty.

An easy fix for this big mishap is for Firestone and Ford to change their ways and make safety their number one priority; to invest some money into their products and make them safe and affective for the consumers out there. Once they establish a quality product they will make money because more people will want buy their products. They need to apologize to the public for being so ignorant about the problem and to state that such a problem will never happen again. Also, Ford and Firestone need to compensate the many people who have been affected by their negligence. The most important thing of all is to make a product that will not but innocent people,s lives in harms way.

Kyle B.


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