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Kathy from Farmington, Iowa reports:

State where accident took place: Iowa

DOT Tire Number: Firestone Wilderness AT P265/75R16 on a Chey 20000Silverado pick up

Date of Accident.: fall 1999

Your Injury: none-luckily my husband is a mechanic and knew how to drive with a blow out

Case description: We bought a 2000 Chevy Silverado pick up in the fall of 1999.

My husband had put on almost 4000 miles, less than 2 months when he had a blow out on the front of this new pickup. We have been waiting to see if these tires would be recalled P265/75R16, but have seen nothing. The dealership would not replace the tire and we had a hard time finding anyone to replace it, so had the spare mounted and bought a different spare to have. When you pay over $30,000 for a new truck you don't expect to blow out the tire so soon. Luckily my husband ran a full service station for years and knew to steer carefully off the road when it blew. We feel fortunate I was not driving or the highway he blew it on was not busy-but we would really like to replace them with another brand and are waiting for a recall.




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