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Judy from Gordonsville, TN reports:

DOT Tire Number: P235/75R15 dot-W2HL

Case description: I have a 1999 Ford Explorer, with P235/75R15-DOT W2HL- Wilderness AT tires. I haven't had an accident or anything like that, but I am really concerned about this recall deal. I drive 60 miles a day, alone, on the interstate, to get to work everyday. I am terrified of my tires! If I could afford it, I would get another competitors tires, but at the present time, it's not possible. I think that all of the Wilderness AT tires should be recalled. I've read too many reports about tires, that are not on the recall list, separating and causing accidents or death. I don't want to be one of those statistics. Please do the decent thing and recall the rest of these tires. How many more people have to be hurt or die!


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