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Hi We own a 1994 Ford Explorer and have the ATX 75R15 tires on it, I have contacted a Firestone dealer and he said they have no tires to replace them with.

We do not feel that we should be responsible for getting them changed at our expense, and our family and friends have convince us to park the Explorer and contact our attorney to get something done. We will be asking that Firestone pay my Explorer payment and attorney fees until I can get tires and can drive it again safely.

I do not dispute the fact that these tires may not ever fail but, if they should my life and the lives of my family and friends is worth the concerns that we have. We would very much appreciate a correspondence or E-mail as to what our next step might be. Even if it is as simple as putting on a totally different brand of tire of our choice, at least it will be a start.

Thank You for the opportunity to express our concerns and pray for a answer very very soon.

Odessa, Nebraska

Allen & Deb M.


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