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Shirley H. from Thornton, Colorado

DOT Tire Number: DOT VDHL

Date of Accident.: Sept. 16,2000

Case description: Yesterday, 9-16-2000, while I was driving my 1999 Ford Explorer on the I-76 freeway my left rear tire disintegrated at appox. 55mph. Fortunately, I was able to keep the vehicle under control and bring it to the side of the road without disaster.

My husband and I went directly to the Thornton Plaza Firestone dealer at 3720 E.120th Ave., Thornton, CO 80229. We told the Firestone representative that we were beyond getting on "the list" for replacement, and explained what had occurred ealier. The rep looked at the tire and had the audacity to question whether I had perhaps, " over something!" He then made the comment that this didn't appear to be "exactly" the type of problem connected with the recall tires, (the entire sidewall had seperated from the tread). We departed immediately and went to the Ford dealer where we purchased the Explorer. I must say, the Ford dealer treated us and the situation with the utmost courtesy and delt with the situation immediately and thoroughly.

I would like to receive any information on any class action litigation. In the mean time, I am reporting the incident and Firestone to the local media.

Sincerely, Shirley H.


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