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Johnny F. T. Pueblo, CO reports:

State where accident took place.: Colorado

DOT Tire Number: Disposed already-LT265/75R16 Wilderness AT

Date of Accident.: 06-09-2000

Your Injury: None-was able to stopped safely-no traffice and low speed failure

Case description: Standard Equipment tire on 1999 Cheverolet 1500 Series 4x4 half-ton pickup. Tire failed catastrophically while traveling a well maintained dirt roadway. Only had 12,000 miles on tire. I have spent 3 years working as a tire repair technician and in a re-capping facility. Due to my training and experience, I realized the failure was unusual. I purchased all new BF Goodrich tires due to this failure at a great personnal cost just to have peace of mind.

As my size is 16 inch, I am not elligible for satifaction repacement policy.


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