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Firehawk ATX 32x 11.50R15LT with the Plant Code of VD.
The Firehawks were replaced with Bridgestone Duel AT D693 32 x 11.50RLT 6

Hi, my name is Gary P. and I have a very large gripe. To start this off a few months ago I had the misfortune of a flat tire that would not hold air. I went to your Corona store and spoke with Mike Broderick about the tire issue. They looked at the tire and said that first off it was a dis-continued tire and was not covered by the tire warranty and that I must have hit something on the road which was causing the tire to lose air. The tire was leaking where the side wall meat the tread. Mike said all he could do was to sell me another tire. He did and it cost me Total $102.46 and the tread did not match the remaining tires.

Well, just last week my wife and I were returning from Fallbrook on Labor Day,(Monday the 4th), when we started to have problems handling our truck. We stoped and checked things out only to find nothing. about an hour later at home I noticed that the tire was flat. I removed the tire and took it to Corona firestone store to find out what was wrong. I spoke with Mike once again and explained what had we been through. We both looked at the tire and found that the tread was coming apart. you could see the steel cord and every where between the tread was sevierly cracked. I explained to mike that this truck was garage kept and there was well over 3/8 inch of tread left on the tires. Also that the other two remaining tires were with the same type of sevier cracks. I also reminded him of the other tire which i had to have replaced. Mike said for me to bring the truck down and he would take care of it. I brought the truck down to the store and Mike said he would replace the tires but I would have to buy the road hazard for each tire. At the time I thought this was ok . I asked Mike to check the breaks and to give me a quote for the worse case. Mike said $550.00 for new rotors and calipers with a life time warranty. I asked him to change the oil also after we had figured out the breaks.

Well Mike went home and now the store General manager Rick Martin was helping me. The break tech said that all I needed was one rotor and shoes. Rick said that this would cost me $450.00 I was shocked because What Mike had quoted was just $100.00 moer for all new rotors and calipers. Rick isaid something is very wrong. He said Mike was wrong turned and walked away from me. After waiting ten minitus or so I cornered Rick and said to not do the oil change or the breaks Just do the tires. Rick said ok and said that I could pick up the truck the next day.

The next day when I arrived the truck was still in the air and they were changing the oil. I said what are you doing you were not to change the oil or do the breaks. Mike looked over at Rick and Rick confirmed what i had said. I told Mike what had happened with Rick and asked why i was being quoted two different prices. Mike said let me work this out and came back to me with $397.55 for the hole job. I asked Mike to give me back the money for the first tire and he stated that he could not remember what was wrong with that tire refusing to return or credit it to this invoice.

The truck was to be ready the next day. But when I returned the next day for the truck it was still in the air with no breaks and no tires. Mike asked me to come in and see what was wrong. Well they could not get the hub nut on . I said to Mike that if it came off it has to go back on , your tech must hace cross threaded it. Mike said that he would take care of it but the truck would not be ready untill the next day.

The next day I picked up the truck and once again asked to be credited for the first tire with no responce. Please note that on the invoice where i had signed I added UD and circled it then wrote Under Duress. I took the truck hame went into the hose for some time and when i came out oil was running down my new driveway. I called the store and they said that they spilt oil all over my front axel and to bring it in next monday. Well I had to go to the store and when i returned home the oil was hot and was going every where. I called again demanding to have this fixed now, they said to bring it in. Well they had installed a defective filter so they say fixed it and I demanded that they clean my front axel and send someone to clean the mess from my drivway. Rick the general manager said that he would have someone at my house at 9:00 AM. At 10:00AM I called and they said that They were to send someone out next monday But they would send someone right after they had finnished a job. Well they called and said that they were not sending anyone and that if i wanted the mess cleaned up to call someone, have it done and they would pay for it.

When I got home and my wife told me what was going down I must say that I was with out words. I went out side to cool off and while looking at my truck I noticed that the chrome valve stems and caps were no longer on my new rims. I called the store demanding they be replaced. The store said they would have to order the parts and I would have to bring the truck in once again. I hope that I don't have to say much more.

The tires replaced were Firehawk ATX 32x 11.50R15LT with the Plant Code of VD.

The Firehawks were replaced with Bridgestone Duel AT D693 32 x 11.50RLT 6

I want my money returned for the Tire Hazard Warranty and the First Tire that I was forced to buy. I want my driveway and truck front axel cleaned. I want a formal letter of apology. I want to be compensated for the days I was forced tobe with out my transportation and for the fuel it cost me running back and forth from Long Beach thinking my truck ready. No they did not call us. Please if you have any questions call me.


Gary P

Corona CA



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