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Case description: Dear Sirs,

My name is Alberto Tavares de Salles, brazilian citizen, leaving in Rio de Janeiro, former General Manager of a Multinational Company,retired since 1999.

I am owner of a Ford Explorer model XLT 1998 imported from USA.

Since I bought this car, I have had several problems, particularly regarding breaks; one complete set replaced when tha car had aproximately 20.000 km, and the second with 48.000 km, tires (Firestone Wildness), replaced when the car had 25.000 km, and other defects that can be proved by some local Ford dealers which have been assisting me since I bought the car.

I have been following through the newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet, the discussion on who is responsible for some accidents with the Explorer in USA, if Firestone or Ford Company.

I am sure that we had some in Brazil, but as usual, we were not informed about the real situation.

The only thing I can now understand is the reason for the poor quality of my car and that for two years, my family and myself, have runed a serious risk of a car accident, and also, some other owners whose I have been keeping contact on the subject.

What I would like to ask you is if there is any interest in contact me in Brazil, though my E.mail, in order to join the local Lawyers contracted by me to analyse the issue.

I strong believe that we will have a numerous group of consumers interested in the subject.

Thanks and best regards,

Alberto Salles.


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