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I sent this to Ford and Firestone last week after buying a new Chevy Surburban and getting rid of my Explorer.

I too will send to my local papers to print.


Dear Mr. Nasser and Mr. Kaizaki,

I am a former Ford Explorer owner of an Explorer that had defective

Firestone Wilderness AT tires. My family and I just spent the last two months driving more than 4,000 miles across the country, towing a twenty-five foot camping trailer, primarily in the southern United States where most of the Firestone tire failures occurred. Until arriving in Maryland I was not even aware of the problem caused by these tires.

Fortunately for my family and I, the tires never failed.

Once I became aware of the defective tire issue, I tried unsuccessfully to get my tires replaced but was placed on four different waiting lists because no one had tires in stock. None of the Firestone or Ford dealers could give me any idea of when tires would be in stock for my truck. In fact, each time that I tried to get an idea of when the tires would be in stock, the wait times seemed to increase. Your recall plan, then and now, is poor.

Both of your companies seem to have reactive plans to this crisis, waiting with baited breath to see just how the publics will react to your latest trial-balloon strategies of appeasement. It seems that only this week has either company come out with an effective and thought-out return policy.

I can not believe that companies such as yours do not place as much value on the lives of people as they do on protecting the company,s profit margin.

How long must people die needlessly because your companies refuse to admit that the problem is yours and not the consumer's?

The picture of the young boy in a coma on national news last week because his parent's Explorer flipped after the Firestone tires blew out is still a vivid picture in my mind. That was the final straw in causing me to spend over $40,000 to buy a new truck and get rid of both your products. At least now I know that my family will be safe.

I am appalled that two corporations like yours listen more to your lawyers than your public relations experts and try to blame needless deaths on improper consumer tire inflation, or on each other.

As I mentioned, until last week I was the owner of a 1998 Ford Explorer with defective Firestone Wilderness AT tires. I became so disgusted with the burden-sharing public relations tactics that both of your companies have put forth to consumers that I sold my Explorer and am now the proud owner of a Chevrolet Suburban.

I will never buy another Ford or Firestone product again.


Kevin A.

Former Ford Explorer and Firestone tire owner

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