From Frank

Case description: I worked for general tire and rubber company in the 70's when they were having the same problems. the fact that firestone cut the curing time from 26 minutes to 16 minutes made a bad tire a killer tire.

undercured tires suffer from tread separations with the body of the tire retaining enough air than the vehicle does not go down on the rim of the tire. as we all know from watching police chases on tv, a front wheel drive vehicle with a burst rear tire where the weight of the vehicle is on the wheel rim can and do continue to drive under general control of the driver. the killer tires, a tire body without the tread holds the vehicle off the ground at the same time shaking the vehicle violently and making the vehicle veer into the ditch on either side of the road where they roll over with fatal results to the occupants are nowing being driven in the USA because the workers at the firestone plant who warned of the cut in the curing time from 26 to 16 minutes were labeled disgruntled workers...they tryed to warn the nation just like the analyst at the insurance company tired to warn nhsta, in vain.


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