Good afternoon,

I would like to know if you have any one in particular we could contact with a tire problem, seems the Firestone store here has determined our problem was caused by a"Puncture, causing a slow leak, led to the blow out......" now that is their determination.

Personally I've seen a lot of tire blow outs, and never a single one that looks like this, just so happens this tire was on our brand new F250 just purchased a couple of months ago, there was a "bump" on the sidewall which my husband had questioned the dealer about,

we were advised that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the tire it was simply a "manufacturing mold mark", the dealer also showed us several other brand new trucks with the same "bump/manufacturing mold mark" on the tires of those vehicles.

My husband left on a hunting trip last week into Canada with several friends, on the way home last Sunday morning somewhere in Michigan, a few hours from home around 2:30 in the morning, low and behold they had a blow out, absolutely no warning and it just happened to be the same tire we had questioned.

Gratefully no one was hurt, it did however in addition to being an inconvenience cause some minor damage to the brand new running boards, and brand new mud flaps that hubby just had installed, no to mention of course the tire just plain exploded! No the tread didn't seperate the entire sidewall is missing though!

While checking the list of tires on the website where I found your e-mail addy, we found a matching "tire size and Plant code number" although this is merely in the list for "Consumer Advisory" the Firestone dealer here doens't intend to replace the tire, or anything else,(since it hasn't yet been recalled) we still need to check the other 3 tires plus the spare for matching Plant code numbers. My concern is my husband is retiring in a couple of months and we will be moving into the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, quite frankly I don't care to play "YOU BET YOUR LIFE" on those tires since seeing this one! Oh by the way the mileage on the tire is 6,000 miles.

This is the serial, model number and size of the tire,

DOT VDW8 IXL 1900 008062

Steeltex Radial A/T

LT 265/75 R16

and I have attached 2 digital pictures of the tire, now is there anyone else I can contact to see if we can get some answers or help on having tires replaced, of course if all else fails we will replace out of pocket, but seems only fair when spending $35,000 on a new vehicle that it should come with dependable tires!

Our many thanks in advance for any suggestions or help you might have to offer.

Kindest Regards, Mr.& Mrs. James V.H.


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