Dear Bridgestone and Ford

I have just read a article in Newsweek (Sept 18th issue 2000) and after seeing the photo of Victor Rodriquez over his DEAD child I am ill and heartsick for that family and the family of the other 88 VICTIMS of your deception and cost cutting ways. I am selling my F250 ford truck, which I have pulled my horses with for years and will not be purchasing another nor be buying tires made from Bridgestone or Firestone. Great news my sister who drives a used ford explorer is selling it, my dad has loaned her one of his cars, as our family can no longer trust your two companies.

I could care less what finger Ford chooses to point, you guys knew the tires were bad and now you have lost credibility with a nation who has supported you. As for Bridgestone/Firestone you are even worse as you continued to sell these tires to ford and others, I am a GOD fearing person and I know that there is a special place in hell awaiting those at both companies who decided to play god with the lives of so many people. I doubt seriously that either of you (Ford or Bridgestone) will read or even blink at this letter, which I guess is fine since if you don,t mind killing people what's in a letter. I do intent to send this letter to my local paper and express my feeling to all my friends and colleagues. The photo in Newsweek will live in my memory always, great JOB!


Liz H.

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