John from Midlothian, Virginia writes:

Date of Accident.: 11/9/99

Case description: I drive a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I purchased 4 Firestone Wilderness AT tires for my vehicle in early summer 1999. While driving to work on 11/9/99, my left rear tire blew out. I was driving 65 MPH on the interstate in moderate traffic when the incident happened. I swerved to avoid traffic and luckily got me vehicle onto the shoulder. The tire had blown out right along the tread. I did not buy the "extended warranty" when I purchased the tires, so the Firestone dealer would not replace the tire. They told me that I had to purchase the replacement tire myself. I consider myself lucky to have escaped without injury, but I would like compensation for the cost of the tire and pay for work hours lost.


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