Y M from Houston, Texas, writes:

Case description: I just purchased a 2000 Chevy Tahoe with 16" Firestone Wilderness tires. From day one I had problems with steering and really got the run around from the dealer until months later and two tries at correction they were able to fix the problem. To this day I do not feel comfortable with the safety of the tires, and this was before the public announcement of the recall.

I cannot help but think there is something wrong with the tires. My step dad who is retired from his own tire and car repair business said he felt something is wrong with the tires when he drove with me on a long distance trip. I called the dealership and described accurately the problems I was having. I was disgusted when he tried to talk me out of the problem, as was my step dad.

I have P265/75R16.1145 M/S Wilderness AT tires. I am going to have them replaced as I feel I cannot Trust Firestone Corp nor the Car manufacturers or dealers in providing safe tires or recalling them until they are "CAUGHT" hiding problems which they KNOW to cause fatal accidents. Too little was done too late to trust all companies involved. I sincerely hope the

US govt will file criminal charges against these persons who KNEW of the problem and allowed human lives to be destroyed for the almighty dollar on which they based their existance.

I also bought 4 new Firestone tires last year for my daughter to go to college. We are terrified for her safety and will have to purchase another new set for her!

As the last victim of the Titanic reported "Not ONE lost human life was worth the arrogance of a few men" FIRESTONE TIRES = DEATH TIRES.

I am having my tires changed this week. I will keep the tires and the receipt.

I will NEVER purchase any Firestone connected tire ever again, nor will any of my family members.

Firestone: We bought your tires and trusted you, shame on you! IF we buy any more of your death tires.


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