Frank from Hull, Georgia writes

Case description: I manage a tire company in Lawrenceville,GA.I have personally seen "NON" recall Firestone Wilderness AT tires with tread and casing splits. I've seen it on "WH" 15" and 16" tires.

Two things I would to know;

#1 how can there be "NON" recall tires in this condition without someone doing something about it?

#2how can people be driving around on rolling time bombs?

One thing that needs to be looked at. When a tire comes apart at any speed, The risk is taken by parties in and around the vehicle with the problem.Most states make people on motorcycles wear helmets.That law is really for the riders safety not the people in the cars along side them. Why do we allow tires that are a threat to everyone on the road continue to roll. Why when a product that has caused people to die do we allow it to continue to be used? I will now step off my soap box.

Thank you



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