Loree from Bradenton, FL writes:

Your Injury: to my wallet only

Case description: Right rear tire blew out, tread separated on my leased 98 Corolla, traveling on Interstate 75 in Sarasota County at 65mph. Firestone 680 tubeless radial, DOT W2RC MNP 217, P195/65R14 88S.

Sounded like a gunshot.Thank goodness no one was in the other lane or I would have hit them when the tire blew out. No cell phone to call AAA or anyone for help, dark outside, limped home on a doughnut and searched for a tire place open at night. Got to Pep Boys at 8:45pm and begged then to accomodate me. Bought two new radials for rear, no credit from dealership even though tires were still warranteed from Manufacturer and should not have blown out.
They said I must have "run over something." I don't think so.

Now with the recall I understand why the tire blew. IT WAS DEFECTIVE!!! And it's still not on the recall list. I was not injured, but the defective tire cost me money and time, and I felt an urgent need to guard my safety further while driving and got a cell phone just for emergency use. All I'd like to see is these tires on the recall list, reimbursement for the new tires I had to buy, and the front Firestones taken off and replaced at no charge. FOr me it's been an "inconvenience." For others it is costing lives.


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