Tires Separting on Firestone Tires Not Subject to the Recall

I currently lease a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer which has Wilderness AT tires P235 75 R15. However, the DOT designation on the tires is W2 and are consequently NOT part of the recall. The driver's rear tire has a distinct "crack" at the tread line and completely circles the tire. (In short the tread is ready to rip off) Upon noticing the defect I contacted two different Firestone Dealers and was denied any assistance, in regards to replacement. One of the dealers did switch the spare tire with the defective tire, which is now my spare, at no charge. My point, further investigation needs to be conducted into which tires need to be recalled. Since all of the driving I have conducted has been in Minnesota (not exactly considered a warm weather state), it does not appear the defect is as limited as Ford and Firestone would like us to think. Hopefully, people's awareness with the recall situation continues to rise, and are able to catch the problem, like I was, prior to any serious accident or injury.
Tim St. Michael, MN
Submitted 1 September 2000

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