Get Rid of Your Wilderness Tires
I have a new Ford Ranger pickup truck -I purchased in Feb of this year. I have always heard a 'thumping' noise when driving. On Thursday, Aug 24, 2000 I was driving on major interstate in Atlanta [285] --I heard a loud thump thump thump --then I could not control truck--but got it to right side somehow. When I got out , the left rear tire had disintegrated--the sidewall was GONE!....I have Wilderness Ht tires--not on official recall list. I phoned Firestone and Ford, both said to contact the other. the typical runaround.

I brought truck to Firestone dealer and he looked at tire , he said it was clearly defective, as it had a bubble on side. He could not give me replacement tires at no charge due to not offically recalled! I oredered 4 Uniroyal tires at that time. The new tires went on truck on Aug 29. When another Wilderness tire was removed, to put new Uniroyal on, the tire had a bubble inside nad this tire was a timebomb. I will NEVER purchase Firestone tires again....NO HOW. I have since filed formal complaints with NHTSA nad local congressmen here, but to no avail. Note of interest: On local Atlanta nes on WSB Friday Aug 25, I saw a news story with a woman who had her Wilderness HT tire blow up and she had an accident. Her tire was a duplicate of mine --the sidewall was blown out. Again---get rid of the Wilderness tires--dont put yourself and others in peril waiting for them to go on "official' recall list--its NOT worth it. COMPLAIN and COMPLAIN more
Lithonia, Georgia
Submitted: 31 August 2000


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