Firestone 14 Inch Blow-Out, Should Recall 14 Inch Tires
Case description: My niece and I were traveling south bound on highway 185 near Greenville, Alabama headed back to Florida in Novmerber, 1999. The highway is a two lane very curvy roadway. I was traveling between 35-40 miles an hr. when I rounded a curve and the left front driver side tire blew out and the most god awful noise I have ever heard came from under my truck. Luckily we were both wearing our seat belts because that truck was all over the roadway, it spun completely around, it slid off the roadway and jumped back on the pavement from the gravelled shoulder. Fortunately for us also it was a quiet afternoon and no one was on the highway at that time. The tire was a firestone 14" it was supposed to be a good tire and I was surprised to see; once I got the truck under control and got out of it, that the tread had completely separated from the tire and that was the banging and slamming I had heard after the initial explosion. Also it was interesting to note that the tire did not deflate the noise was just from the tread separating from the tire. A gentleman came along shortly after our misadventure and helped to change the tire. When I got home I tried to get the place that sold firestone tires to give me some sort of deal on a replacement tire because the one that blew out was fairly new and I was told that I probably ran over something. Can you believe that, my niece and I could have been killed, the tire was defective, yet I could not get the tire dealer to stand behind the warranty on the tires. There is no wonder so many people have to resort to getting a lawyer for just about everything now-a-days. Now I notice the tires being recalled are the 15", and there are some people calling about 16", I think its time to check out the 14" as well. Thank You.

Pensacola, FL
Submitted August 30, 2000


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