Ford Explorer Two Tire Blowout- Angry

My accident happened over 2 years ago, ... I simply want to voice my opinion. 2 years ago, no one would listen to me. Here is my story...I teach at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As I was going into work one morning...around 9, I lost control of my Ford Explorer on I-65. Luckily, the interstate was not crowded and I was driving under the speed limit due to the rainy day.

The reason I lost control of my SUV was that the new tire I had purchased a few weeks earlier had blown out (the front left tire). When this tire blew, the BACK tire broke off the axle and went rolling down the interstate! Since I had no tires on the left side of my car, I skidded sideways into the embankment. Luckily, all the air bags deployed or I would have been seriously injured. It was also very fortunate that I did not hit anyone as I was sliding across the interstate!

Although I went to the emergency room, my injuries were not serious...just a very sore neck. My insurance paid for the car and considered the matter close. I contacted Ford to let them know of this problem, but had no response. At the time, I did not even realize the problem with the Firestone tires...or I would have contacted them.

I am extremely angry that so many have been killed because of the flawed Ford Explorer (there have been MANY axles to break), and the poorly made Firestone tires. I was one of the lucky one....I'm just sorry no one bothered to listen to my story...perhaps some lives could have been saved.
Hoover, Alabama
Submitted August 29, 2000

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