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I have only had my Firestone recall replacement tire FR 440 P235/75R15 105s on my truck for 2000 miles and already have suffered a blow-out. I hope this is an isolated incident. Its unfortunate that Firestone replaced my defective tires to regain my confidence as their customer, but has only discoraged my confidence in their product. I took the tires back to Firestone dealer in San Antonio, TX and he wanted to pro rate the tires and sell me new ones but after two sets of Firestone tires I really do not think it would be a good choice to go for a third set. You know they say the third time is a charm or is it the third time will get you. I'm not one to take another chance with my life. I got lucky the first two times. So are replacment tires the answer or are we just waiting for them to be placed on another recall list.

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