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Peter H. from Manchester, United Kingdom

DOT Tire Number: Wilderness AT 16"

Make of Vehicle: Ford Explorer 1998


There is much publicity in the UK regarding the tyre recall, but not, of course, for the 16" tyres. Asked by me to confirm in writing that there is no problem with the 16" tyres, both Ford & Firestone declined to do so. That in itself is rather worrying, don't you think.


Explorers seem to roll very easily when a tyre suddenly deflates. Tyre blow-outs are quite rare, and I have only had 2 in all the time I have been driving. One was at 140 mph on a German Autobahn, and the vehicle came to a safe halt.

Ford do not seem to have any comments on this!

The latest account of Explorer problems was aired on TV last week, and concerns the cruise control, which seems to have a mind of its own and has caused many accidents. Do any of your contributors know of this?

Of course the major problem is that I now have a vehicle that is virtually unsaleable here in the UK.

Definitive comments from Ford, or a recall for checks to ensure that all is ok would assist with peace of mind when driving down the motorway at 70mph.

I hope the above provokes some comments.


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