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Ellen W. from Adams, Wisconsin

DOT Tire Number: Cooper Tires

Make of Vehicle: 1994 Ford Explorer XL

Date of Accident.: 11/19/00

Today my 22 year old, 8-month-pregnant daughter was involved in a rollover accident while driving my 1994 Ford Explorer XL. She was traveling on a snow-packed road, but only going 10-15 mph,when she tapped the brake lightly, and the car slid into the ditch. Although this ditch declines only about 8 -10 inches lower than the road, the Explorer toppled over on its side. My daughter was transported by ambulance to the hospital, where she was examined and released, but instructed to see her obstetrician tomorrow morning. This vehicle is equipped with Cooper Tires, in very good road condition, so I do not blame the tires. I believe that the rollover was caused by the poor design/construction of the vehicle. I personally viewed the site of the accident, and there was no sign of plowed snow (which would indicate that the vehicle was travelling too fast when it went into the ditch), nor was there any significant difference between the road and the ditch which might have caused the vehicle to go up on two wheels, and topple. It is my opinion that the Ford Explorer is unsafe to drive, and that Ford Motor Company should be held accountable.


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