Debra L. S. from Millstadt, Illinois

DOT Tire Number: DOTVNHL1PY506

Make of Vehicle: 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

Upon hearing about the tire recall, I went to our Ford dealer for an inspection and was told my tires were not on the reall list. As additional news reports surfaced, we inspected the tires ourselves to find a crack at the treadline that ran around the entire perimeter of all four tires. I returned to the dealer and was told by their sales manager that something needed to be done as the tires were not safe. We were also told by the service dept. that they would work something out.

However, we received a call after the vehicle had been dropped off that we would need to pay for all 4 new tires (replaced with Goodyear Wrangler RT/S) - tires, labor & tax. I don't know how Firestone can maintain that tires manufactured only at the Decatur plant are the unsafe tires for the recall. We were fortunate to catch the defect prior to any accidents/ injuries. In our case, the cracking is quite evident. I kept my tires and receipt and will continue to pursue reimbursement.

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