I had Firestone tires on a Toyota 4x4 Extended Cab Truck thru for my second set on this vehicle.On Tuesday Oct. 3, 2000 morning approximately 7:30 a.m. two people were traveling in the truck on I-75 just south of Lexington Kentucky near Richmond when a loud bang occurred. On the right was a semi with cars loaded aboard ,on the left a concrete construction barrier,and a semi in the rear. The driver managed to fight the wheel, slow down and negotiate to the right had shoulder without hitting anyone. A miracle since it was the right front tire. My employees were not injured but I immediately replaced all four tires and the spare. I have P225 75R 102S tires. The tire tread peeled from the tire. I am currently looking for a way to get this message out because I believe this problem is very widespread. Firestone tells me thru the local dealer that this tire is not part of the problem. I would hate to see the problem if this is not. An inexperienced driver would probably have been killed. If you know any attorney taking a class action suit let me know. As an engineer I believe Firestone's actions toward me were unbelieveable since I called and asked for reimbursement. Thanks MLV

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