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I found the statement below on the GSA web site. Brook Lindbert of GM states they "are aware of no incidents" involving tread separation with Firestone tires on GM vehicles. Reading posts from unfortunate people on your web site would suggest there are indeed issues with the 16" Firestones on GM vehicles. I would like to encourage those individuals that have had problems to please call GM and to enlighten them. Better yet, get you local politicians and media involved. I certainly don't want to be the next victim of this game of Firestone roulette.

The Following Is General Motors' Statement Regarding Firestone Wilderness Tires Found On Some GM Vehicles. It Can Be Attributed To Brook Lindbert, Director of GM Tire And Wheel Systems.

The safety of our customers is an overriding priority for General Motors and we understand that many of them are concerned by recent news reports regarding Firestone Wilderness tires that were provided as original equipment on more than 500,000 GM vehicles including:

Some 1999 and 2000 model year Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks

Some 2000 model year Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, and GMC Yukon and Yukon XL sport utility vehicles

Some 2001 model year Pontiac Aztek sport recreational vehicles

There are no GM vehicles involved in today's recall announcement by Firestone.

The recall involved only tire size P235/75R15. None of the GM vehicles listed above is equipped with that tire size. In addition, the Wilderness tires on GM vehicles are different than those found on other manufacturers' vehicles because they were engineered and tuned to meet GM's specific and unique performance requirements. The real-world performance of the Wilderness tires on GM vehicles has been excellent and we are aware of no incidents reported to us involving durability or tread separation.

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