John V from Eagle River, Alaska writes:

Make of Vehicle: 1998 Ford Ranger

On 10/2/2000 while driving on the Highway home from work. The right rear tire blew. I had a semi truck and trailer right behind me (way too close). The truck began to lift like it was going to roll. Somehow, I managed to control the vehicle. Semi Truck locked up his brakes and just missed me. The only injury was severe emotional. I could not stop shaking for hours.

I had tried to get replacement tires earlier; however, I was on a waiting list. I was told that maybe in January I could get the tires.

This accident also damaged my rim. Now I am really angry, because a replacement rim will cost anywhere from $300.00 to $400.00.

I took pictures of the tire. And I had to drive up North and finally found a Ford dealership to replace my tires.

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