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Richard B. from Belle Mead, NJ

Make of Vehicle: 1998 Explorer Sport

I recently had engine work done on this vehicle and the mechanic noticed and showed me the tread seperation that was becoming very obvious on the Wilderness AT 16 inch tires. I took the vehicle to an independent tire dealer who inspected the tires and determined that, at less than 50% tread wear, there was severe tread/sidewall cracking on all four tires. He reccomended that I consider replacing the tires. Firestone indicated that the tires were not part of the recall. But I had no choice, the damage was very obvious, so I had to replaced all fours tires.

What is it going to take for Firestone and Ford to realize that they are risking people's lives. I guess my mind has been made up as to why I will not be buying a Ford as my next vehicle. I guess the company has gotten in way of the customer, again.

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