Steven R. H. from Plymouth Minnesota writes:

I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac with Firestone Wilderness AT 255/70/16 tires. Even though these tires are not currently part of the recall I am replacing them with Goodyear tires at my own expense. There is enough doubt in my mind that Firestone even knows what the real problem is that I don't think they can identify any sizes or styles of tires exclusive of all the rest. They know what happens ( the tread separates) but I don't think they know why. I just bought this truck and when I started to make some noise about the tires at the Ford store I was assured that these tires were not part of the recall and were safe. They said that if I were bringing in an older explorer for the recall; these are the tires they would be putting on as replacements so I was O.K. I still don't believe it. I'll keep the tires and the receipts for later. If these tires are indeed deemed safe; I'll put them back on after I wear out the goodyear tires.

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