Ralph T. from Topsham, Maine

Have 1999 Ford Ranger with VDHL Wilderness AT P235R-15 tires. They were replaced August 12th at a local tire store not at a Firestone Dealer. Tires had 22,000 miles on them. Pressure was applied to the side wall and to the tred and a seperation appeared along a line that appears to be the bonding point of the side wall and tred. This was done after the tire had been removed from the rim. I cannot recall seeing that particular seam mark on other tires, and it seems to appear only on this brand of tire. I have replaced the Firestones with BF Goodrich 31x10.50-15s and I am pleased with the change over. One week later I had to replace tires on my wife's car also a Ford product and also with Firestone tires. These tires had worn almost completely with the wear bars visable after 25,000 miles. The wear patterns were not like those observed with other tires, and to be so completely worn seems unusual nowadays.

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