James W. R. from Rosendale, WI writes us:

DOT Tire Number: FIREHAWK R4S TUOLPS 23575R15

Make of Vehicle: GMC Vandura 2500

In September 1999 We were returning home from Kankakee, Illinois to Rosendale, Wisconsin. For some reason, that day we decided to take a "scenic" route instead of the normal Interstate 57/94. When travelling through central Illinois at a speed of about 50MPH (Instead of 70MPH we would have been), our right rear tire lost its tread and blew out. It looked like the ones we have seen in the photos. A passerby assisted us changing it and noted that the other rear tire was also exhibiting tread separation. We "limped" home at speeds under 45 the reast of the way and had the 4 tires replaced (at our expense) within the next week. The tires were otherwise in good condition with plenty of tread left. We always rotated according to schedule and maintained proper pressure. We kept 1 of the 4 tires that looked the best (there were only 2 that weren't obviously bad) and have it mounted as a spare. I suspect that the same poor workmanship affects this line of Firestone tires as the ATX and would welcome investigation. I now believe Firestone should pay for what I replaced. They are just lucky our Guardian Angel was with us and we took a different route that day!

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