Anthony B. from Richmond,Virginia

DOT Tire Number: HYRW JBA 189 (Firehawk)

Make of Vehicle: 96 Plymouth Breeze

Date of Accident.: 10-14-00

Case description: I was driving from Virginia Beach to Hampton, VA. at approximately 65 mile per hour. The car started to feel different. I was all the way in the HOV lane (far left) I felt a vibration then I heard a loud sound. I looked in my rear view mirror and I saw the rubber from my tire flying in the air as other drivers were trying to dodge it. I worked my way over to the right side of the highway and onto the shoulder. When I saw what was left of my tire I was shocked. There was nothing but the sidewall. All of the rubber tread was gone. All I had was basically the rim. I had a full size spare that I put on. I drove to a Firestone in Chesapeake, VA. The reaction of the gentleman there was "oh my God, I have never seen this particular tire blow like this. You must have hit something or had something stuck in your tire. I know what you are are thinking recall...well you have my word that this particular tire is not one of the recalled tires..! the recalls are only on trucks." I said I have had a blow out before but I have never had all of the tread just come unraveled like that...I told him that I wanted the firestones off of my car. He said that he only had firestones to replace it with. I am concerned..I am going to try another Firestone today and I hope this doesn't have to get ugly. I don't feel safe driving the car and I am really reserved about my wife driving the car.

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