The tires in this story and photo are Bridgetone Dueler A/T LT 235/75R15, DOT EJD6 CFN025.

My wife was driving on California State Highway 4 on 10-21-00 when the tread separated from the right rear Bridgeton tire and blew out. Fortunately she was on a straight portion of the highway and after momentarily losing control, was able to pull off on the shoulder of the road. Only a few more miles and should would have been on a curvy section of the highway and may have been seriously injured or killed.

These Bridgeton tires were originally purchased in 1995 or 1996 and stored in our garage until last year when we put them on our Chivvy S10 4WD pickup. This goes to show that Bridgeton has had a problem with their tires much longer than they are acknowledging, hoping older tires that were defective are off the road by now. These tires we have were in new condition when we put them on our pickup last year.

Attached is a picture of the tire. Is there any way to get these older tires on the recall list? Many people don,t drive a lot and these tires are still on the road.

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