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Dear Sirs: This report concerns Firestone Steeltex Radial A/T tires LT 235/85 R16 M/S. These tires were purchased new last year and were installed on my 1996 Ford 350 pickup truck. The tires were rotated, rebalanced and tire pressures checked every 5000 miles. On Saturday, 15 October 2000, the right front tire sidewall ballooned out in several spots such that the tire went flat. Fortunately, I was driving slow and was able to stop. The truck was turned in this morning and the other tires inspected by the dealer. All of the tires were beginning to exhibit the same ballooning of the side wall. One of the technicians stated that he thought the belts on the sidewall were failing. In any event, the tires are being replaced by another make as these are unsafe and could have caused a bad accident.

Sincerely, Malcolm D. W
Purcellville, Virginia

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